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Photographer Technique

Many sports are about confrontation and in-yourface aggression. Shots of competitors involved in face-offs can make great visuals. Similarly, athletes or coaches vehemently disputing an umpire’s decision are good photographic material.These images might depict the less noble aspects of sports, including things such as bad sportsmanship and temper tantrums, but some confrontation shots can be humorous.Who could suppress a grin at a photograph of an irate Little Leaguer glaring up at the umpire with a “How can you call that out?” expression on his or her face? Look for the shots that epitomize camaraderie and encouragement. The coach with an arm around the athlete’s shoulder, giving words of advice or encouragement; players in a huddle, listening to their captain’s final instructions prior to a game; a Little League coach having a heart-to-heart with a youngster about to go to bat.