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Watch that I loved the most

“Time does not wait for anyone”. It is a great saying, which inspires us to perform our work on time. If there is a talk about time, than immediately a thing comes to our mind and that thing is “wristwatch”. Some people found wristwatches as a status symbol for them, and some use it as a basic need.

As far as status symbol is concerned,   a famous brand name comes and that is “Rolex air king”. Most of the wristwatches loving people are very familiar with this brand name. This kind of watch makes people proud, that they are having such kind of branded watch. The price list of these watches are too high, so common person cannot afford these ones for fun.

When common person looks to buy this watch, then they found these not their cup of tea. Their dreams of purchasing these watches always get vanished, when they see the price list. But now, Rolex replica watches have come in the market. Now, they can also fulfill their dream. The prices of these watches have been set according to the common people needs. These are too reasonable and affordable ones. One can easily buy this watch with having a great belief about the quality.

 These watches maintain the level of quality, which an original has. That is why; these watches are getting popular day by day. The front look is as same as the original is having. On the back side of the dial, these are having the same logo of role air king. Very stylish look and made from stainless steel. These are very effective and user friendly watches. These watches have been proved to be a great alternate. Of course if you are having all qualities in these watches, then there is no need to buy expensive original ones.

Further, we can say that these are different in only a single sense and that is “price”.

BCCI Agree to give Sachin rest

BCCI agrees to provide rest to sachin for the upcoming Asia cup. Recently he just scored unbeatable 200 runs against South Africa and came as highest individual scorer and created a new record. Sachin already proved that he is a world class batsman. Sachin even now treated as a god of Indian cricketers by the fans and the spectators hope that sachin to create more records and bring some sensational victories to team India. I am praying god every day to provide Sachin many more fitter and healthy life to set all possible records and let it remain as much as the game of cricket exists.

Diego Maradona – “Will run nude, if Argentina wins FIFA cup”

It was a great statement made by the all time favorite football striker Diego Maradona, who said that he will rude naked in happiness if his team Argentina wins the upcoming FIFA world cup 2010. Just 16 days to go before the start of the tournament, almost all the teams were rigorously practicing in the field to prove the point. Diego Maradona’s phenomenal performance led his team to victory in the 1987 World cup, in which he scored overall of 9 goals. He is currently coaching the Argentinians.

3 idiots in UN headquarters in USA

The film 3 idiots have been filmed in UN headquarters in United States of America. Many expected only Indians will come up to watch the film. But interestingly, many Americans have come up to view the best Indian blockbuster of all time. After the filming was over, the stars were raised up with some questions about whether the film is Bollywood based some kind of foreign genre film. It was quiet difficult for the Director to convince the audience that the film is Bollywood make. As many believe that such films are purely with some dace sequence and some action, This film has proved all the critics wrong and has improved the image of Indian cinema.

Breguet Marine Royale 5847

The Breguet Marine collection is inspired by sketches of models developed by the brand’s owner more about 200 years ago when Breguet became the official supplier of watches for the French Fleet. 

In 2009 the collection was enriched with a new model – alarm clock Marine Royale  5847. The first model in the Breguet sea line was presented in 2004, while in 2007 the brand’s connoisseurs were amazed by the first chronograph with tourbillon and silicone trigger device. 

The Marine Royale 5847 is a truly nice watch with many nice features that are characteristic of all other Breguet watches, however, the main its peculiarity is the alarm clock. Tests have shown that the alarm clock is heard under water even better than on dry land – the speed of sonic waves increases together with density of the environment. 
The crown and the button of the Breguet Marine Royale 5847 are made out of gold, however the precious metal is hidden in a rubber “cap” for comfortable use of divers. This is a truly nice watch for diving, since it can be used at the depth of 300 meters. The Breguet Marine Royale 5847 is a truly great watch for divers, since it is very comfortable to use under water – it features a rotating bezel and luminescent coating of indexes and hands. 

If you are a diver and you need a good watch for diving, than the Marine Royale 5847 can become a great option for you. However, if you just like design and accuracy of Breguet watches and you do not need a complicated watch, than you have better purchase a Breguet fake watch. An original Breguet watch is a very complicated timepiece that is made out of precious metals. A Breguet fake watch does not have many complications and a Breguet fake watch cannot be used at a great depth, however, a Breguet fake watch is a timepiece that looks like an original Breguet watch and also a Breguet fake watch is a very accurate timepiece for those who want their watch to be very reliable.

Who said India out of WC 2010?

India can easily make to the semis after a great result last night, Australia beating Srilanka by a huge margin of 81 runs. Two results should favor India, one India beating Srilanka with a margin of at least 25 runs or win with 5 to 7 over to spare. Australia should show us way by winning against West Indes with at least of a margin of 20 runs or 3 to 4 over to spare. India will then make to semi finals with just one win and a good run rate of -0.4 to -0.6. lets hope both teams results favors India

Improve Backlink easy - my friend's advice

Do you mean this 18,470? Is this my total back links? but why i am 0 zero in Google? I can't understand. In Google ad sense i am earning 12-15 dollars a month only but earning for all my five blogs. my 3 blogs are inactive. I am blogging as usual. Visiting other's blog and commenting. I'll comment 3-4 sites a day only but sometimes non at all  but mostly only writing short messages from their tag boards. There is no special procedure to increase my traffic. Actually i was only interested of page rank because i want more paid post.  Maybe got that page rank 4 because i made a post more than 30 posts a month. The more post in your site the more visitors if they are interested in your title. One blogger advised me to make your title searchable. If you noticed the title of my post are direct to the point like for example Best Online casino. Best Satellite Internet, Direct TV, Best Platform Bed, Electronic Bingo. I did not do anything more. I received also emails convincing me to join my sites to increase my traffic but I ignored all of them because one blogger posted that her brother's account was totally band by Google because he did something Publish Post to increase this traffic illegally. I don't know which is legal or illegal to increase traffic that is why i am not responding to their offers. 
Maybe that back links is already accumulated since April 2008. I am almost two years blogging.

Thanks for the information. I'll try to register my blog.

Today’s IPL matches

One of the match is not that great to watch, i mean Royal challengers Bangalore versus Kings XI punjab. but the match to watch out for is between Chennai and Kolkata.

Royal challengers Bangalore versus Kings XI Punjab at 4pm IST at Bangalore
Chennai Super Kings versus KKR at 8pm at Kolkata

My dream project Schedule

Week 1   Identified the problem (Excessive Emission)
                Collected Data (from testing unit) and Analyzed 

Week 2    Came up with some solutions
                              1.) Use of EEMS
                              2.) Change in Setup of FIP
                              3.) Modified Marking technique in FIP     
                Analyzed the Above solutions using various factors (time, cost, Emission and noise drop levels etc,)

Week 3 Chose to use modified marking technique
                  Worked in Spill Marking unit
                  Calculated accurate Fuel injection pressure
                  Designed Pneumatic Circuit
Week 4 Modified Spill Marking Method ( to improve accuracy)
              Designed the new setup
             Estimated the drop in emission level and fuel saved
              Submitted our report to Product development Unit ( for analyzing and approving)     

Another 400 runs in ODI, Sachin valor 200* … It's Sachin Tendulkar again!!!

A great evening to have spent with cricket and never expected the sachin 200 and a superb knock I have ever seen. I have long been looking for some one from the world class player to break this record, but Sachin it is. Scoring half the total runs of the team and just faced 147 odd balls. He started well, in middle slowed down a bit but the boundaries coming up all the time. Worls players would be looking wondered and no surprise it came from the little master. Man at 36 years of age, 20 years of world cricket and 93rd international century. He is hungry for more. His skill level never gone down, whooping score it was. I would remember this knock till my last breathe. 

Sachin’s classic fielding saves India


It was a great match to watch out for. Worth watching till late night, Match was evenly poised all through the game. But in the end, Sachin made a flying save of boundary, still South African tail Enders took 3 runs for it. But, according to me, it is a very important save as match ended with India winning by just a run. If Sachin would have not made that great effort, match would have been tied and the series would have changed 0-0 in the end of the first match. Sachin really rocks. Now, India lead the 3 match one day international series against south Africa 1-0. Match of the match was Ravindra Jadeja.

Usain Bolt may not play common wealth games (CWG 2010)

Indian Olympic committee is hoping to rope in Usain bolt for the upcoming common wealth games to be held in Delhi, a few months from now. India sporting image completely depends on how well this common wealth games is organized. As the chairman if Indian Olympic committee has promised that this common wealth games in Delhi would be for sure better than that of Beijing Olympics and show up the world India is also a great sporting nation.  Indian Olympic committee is hoping to rope in Usain bolt for the upcoming common wealth games to be held in Delhi, a few months from now. India sporting image completely depends on how well this common wealth games is organized. As the chairman if Indian Olympic committee has promised that this common wealth games in Delhi would be for sure better than that of Beijing Olympics and show up the world India is also a great sporting nation. Main reason for roping in Usain Bolt is to create hype for the game itself, as the blazer Bolt would bring lots of eyes to the game itself. He confirmed already that he would participate only if his coach confirms so. All that matters now for the Indian Olympic committee is to construct and finish the sporting venues in world class look before the schedule time. As the way of conducting might be looked after, if and all India aims for a Olympic bid in the near future. It is shame on the committee part to delay construction activities due to various shortages, which all should be kept in mind in order to succeed a great common wealth games. I am expecting Usain Bolt to break s own record of 9.58 in 100m in this CWG. 

Will Tiger Woods roar back in Golf?

After all the controversies in his real life, many affairs and poor character exploration and many more, what are the odds that Tiger Woods will roar back in the golfing field? He was one of the most respected sportsmen all across the world. He was the richest sportsman as well, got millions of bucks from the advertisers for ads and got incredible number of sponsors. But all gone now, he is left in vain, as all the sponsors and advertisers have cancelled the deal which were both long term and short term. He recently said that he would get back to golfing after fine settling with his long time wife. But things are different now, day after day, many girls are claiming to have had affair with Tiger Woods. But the Golfing arena really misses their legend tiger Woods. He may or may not get back to golfing, but one thing for sure. He would remain a greatest golfer in the history of golf, since its start. I would really be happy, if he continues to play golf and win many titles and prove to the world that he is still capable of winning matches and more and more championships under his belt. Schumi is back in the F1 circuit at the age of 41 after his retirement before three years.

ICC World Cup schedule 2010 - Latest Cricket updates

Group A  - Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, CanadaKenya.

Group B  - India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands.
Saturday 19 Feb – Bangladesh v India, Dhaka
Sunday 20 Feb – New Zealand v Kenya, Chennai
Sunday 20 Feb – Sri Lanka v Canada, Hambantota
Monday 21 Feb – Australia v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
Tuesday 22 Feb – England v Netherlands, Nagpur
Wednesday 23 Feb – Pakistan v Kenya, Hambantota
Thursday 24 Feb – South Africa v West Indies, New Delhi
Friday 25 Feb – Australia v New Zealand, Nagpur
Friday 25 Feb – Bangladesh v Ireland, Dhaka
Saturday 26 Feb – Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Colombo
Sunday 27 Feb – India v England, Kolkata
Monday 28 Feb – West Indies v Netherlands, New Delhi
Monday 28 Feb – Zimbabwe v Canada, Nagpur
Tuesday 1 Mar – Sri Lanka v Kenya, Colombo
Wednesday 2 Mar – England v Ireland, Bangalore
Thursday 3 Mar – South Africa v Netherlands, Mohali
Thursday 3 Mar – Pakistan v Canada, Colombo
Friday 4 Mar – New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
Friday 4 Mar – Bangladesh v West Indies, Dhaka
Saturday 5 Mar – Sri Lanka v Australia, Colombo
Sunday 6 Mar – India v Ireland, Bangalore
Sunday 6 Mar – England v South Africa, Chennai
Monday 7 Mar – Kenya v Canada, New Delhi
Tuesday 8 Mar – Pakistan v New Zealand, Pallekele
Wednesday 9 Mar – India v Netherlands, New Delhi
Thursday 10 Mar – Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
Friday 11 Mar – West Indies v Ireland, Mohali
Friday 11 Mar – Bangladesh v England, Chittagong
Saturday 12 Mar – India v South Africa, Nagpur
Sunday 13 Mar – New Zealand v Canada, Mumbai
Sunday 13 Mar – Australia v Kenya, Bangalore
Monday 14 Mar – Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
Monday 14 Mar – Bangladesh v Netherlands, Chittagong
Tuesday 15 Mar – South Africa v Ireland, Kolkata
Wednesday 16 Mar – Australia v Canada, Bangalore
Thursday 17 Mar – England v West Indies, Chennai
Friday 18 Mar – Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Mumbai
Friday 18 Mar – Ireland v Netherlands, Kolkata
Saturday 19 Mar – Australia v Pakistan, Colombo
Saturday 19 Mar – Bangladesh v South Africa, Dhaka
Sunday 20 Mar – Zimbabwe v Kenya, Kolkata
Sunday 20 Mar – India v West Indies, Chennai

Wednesday 23 Mar – First quarter-final, Dhaka
Thursday 24 Mar – Second quarter-final, Colombo
Friday 25 Mar – Third quarter-final, Dhaka
Saturday 26 Mar – Fourth quarter-final, Ahmedabad

Tuesday 29 Mar – First semi-final, Colombo
Wednesday 30 Mar – Second semi-final, Mohali

Saturday 2 April – Final, Mumbai

Kung fu Panda – animated action film

I saw this film Kung fu Panda last week with lots of expectations. As my friends said it is really great and worth watching. I generally do not like watching animated film or cartons kind of stuff. But this film was simply superb. It’s about a panda which rescues the city from a enemy. The execution of voices and actions performed by all the creatures in the film is really fabulous to watch. The film has lots and lots of scenes that make you laugh. I never laughed while watching Tom and Jerry, but this film made me laugh in many scenes with some cool performance. Panda learns the art of Kung fu with the other members of the group. It really does not look like an animation, but as if it is happening in the real time. That’s the power of innovation. Climax is about whether or not the panda defeats the enemy. Kung fu Panda is film, well executed animated action film. A must watch for the kids, can have real fun and entertainment.

Life is all about Entertainment

Every human being born in this so called earth, to survive a healthy and happy life to a maximum extent and the world provides you that. Those two are the essential things that one should keep in mind all the time, being happy and more importantly healthy. Being healthy is all in our hands. But being happy depends upon how we take the life. According to me, it is very important for any human being to have entertained time for one third of every day through out the time. But that not what we follow, we want to earn money a lot and save for future and keep on thinking of it. I often spend time watching some good films, soccer games, opera and many concerts to keep myself happy and entertained.

Avatar beats Titanic in Box-office

In terms of collection, Avatar beats titanic. I have seen both of these films. Both of them are incredible movies. The time in which avatar overtaken the collection of Titanic is nearly one half of it, it is considered to be a huge margin of success. The main reason of this huge success could be, the film avatar has some great shots and the appearance of shots in many scenes looks simply superb. This film can be best viewed in 3D. The collection for viewing the film in 3D is very high. In multiplex theatres in India, say Bangalore, a ticket viewing n 3D costs Rs1000. Its not even one month of release, that Avatar beat Titanic. The record going to reach the film, where no other more can reach at least for years for sure. I am going to watch this box-office blockbuster Avatar one more time. The collection titanic is in gross $1,843,201,268, whereas Avatar till date, it is $1,858,562,198.

No Pakistan Players in IPL3 – Auctions Over

 It is a shocking day for Pakistani players. Not even single players from Pakistan have been sold to any of the franchises of Indian Premier League 3. Considering that the Pakistan players are champions of T20 cricket, at least 5 out of 11 or so Pakistan players from auction will be selected, but all in vain. Afridi said about not being sold, that all the IPL franchises have been warned by the Indian Government not to take any Pakistani players. But Lalit Modi, chairman of IPL said the picking up of players solely depend upon the strategies of individual IPL teams. Also all the 11 players been taken will hold the contract only for one year, since new auctions will be conducted in 1 year (2011). I think the gap between India Pakistan will further widen. IPl 3 auctions are over.