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2D animation tricks

My best ideas come to me early in the day, before I’ve actually gotten out of bed. That is when I’m in that non sleep world, but not entirely awake either. This twilight world is a perfect place for coming up with clear and original ideas. (Although, unless you write them down immediately, they don’t stay clear for long, and you usually forget them when you’re up and about!) I find that keeping an ideas book next to my bed can work well for these circumstances. You can just scrawl your thoughts down in a few words, keeping your eyes closed if you like, so that you get enough of the thoughts and impressions down before full consciousness eventually obliterates them. I use that technique for problem solving too. Sometimes I’ve worked and worried about a challenge all day, only to go to bed having not resolved it. However, almost miraculously, when going to bed with an expectation of the solution or idea being with me in the morning, it more often th