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Adjusting the photo Levels

If the mountains of your graph seem to cover all the territory from left to right, you already have a roughly even distribution of dark and light tones in your picture, so you’re probably in good shape. But if the graph comes up short on either the left (darks) or the right (lights) side of the histogram, you may want to make an adjustment. To do so, drag the right or left pointer on the Levels slider inward, toward the base of the mountain. If you’re moving the right indicator inward, for example, you’ll notice that the whites become brighter, but the dark areas stay pretty much the same. If you drag the left indicator inward, the dark tones change, but the highlights remain steady Once you’ve massaged the Exposure and Levels controls, the overall exposure for a clip usually looks pretty good. In effect, you’ve managed to create a full range of tones from dark to light.