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Life is all about Entertainment

Every human being born in this so called earth, to survive a healthy and happy life to a maximum extent and the world provides you that. Those two are the essential things that one should keep in mind all the time, being happy and more importantly healthy. Being healthy is all in our hands. But being happy depends upon how we take the life. According to me, it is very important for any human being to have entertained time for one third of every day through out the time. But that not what we follow, we want to earn money a lot and save for future and keep on thinking of it. I often spend time watching some good films, soccer games, opera and many concerts to keep myself happy and entertained.

Avatar beats Titanic in Box-office

In terms of collection, Avatar beats titanic. I have seen both of these films. Both of them are incredible movies. The time in which avatar overtaken the collection of Titanic is nearly one half of it, it is considered to be a huge margin of success. The main reason of this huge success could be, the film avatar has some great shots and the appearance of shots in many scenes looks simply superb. This film can be best viewed in 3D. The collection for viewing the film in 3D is very high. In multiplex theatres in India, say Bangalore, a ticket viewing n 3D costs Rs1000. Its not even one month of release, that Avatar beat Titanic. The record going to reach the film, where no other more can reach at least for years for sure. I am going to watch this box-office blockbuster Avatar one more time. The collection titanic is in gross $1,843,201,268, whereas Avatar till date, it is $1,858,562,198.

No Pakistan Players in IPL3 – Auctions Over

 It is a shocking day for Pakistani players. Not even single players from Pakistan have been sold to any of the franchises of Indian Premier League 3. Considering that the Pakistan players are champions of T20 cricket, at least 5 out of 11 or so Pakistan players from auction will be selected, but all in vain. Afridi said about not being sold, that all the IPL franchises have been warned by the Indian Government not to take any Pakistani players. But Lalit Modi, chairman of IPL said the picking up of players solely depend upon the strategies of individual IPL teams. Also all the 11 players been taken will hold the contract only for one year, since new auctions will be conducted in 1 year (2011). I think the gap between India Pakistan will further widen. IPl 3 auctions are over.