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Game which has very less recognition in India

I can’t even say for sure whether people have guessed by now that this game is called “FootBall”. I am not writing this article to spread awareness or show my disappointment. This is just a vision I carry of this game in India and ask questions to people of all ages why football in India hasn’t reached that “world-stage” till now.
Many people will be surprised to learn that the very famous club of Manchester United (of England) was established a few years before the establishment of our very own Mohun Bagan Athletics Football club (Estd. 1889). That was 116 years ago, from where Manchester United has gone on to become the richest and one of the most famous clubs in the world. While, on the other hand, Mohun Bagan, though might have earned some ‘name’ within India, it is still to get that global appeal and bring that ‘consistency factor’ into picture (Note: Mohun Bagan was on the realms of relegation to the second division in the 2004-05 season, but just managed to survive).
Does this mean we are incapable of producing a world-beating national football team or an international standard football club? Are our football icons to be restricted to a Baichung Bhutia who incidentally played for the third division English football club Bury F.C. that too for one season, or an I.M.Vijayan whom people hardly know? When will India produce talents like Ronaldo (Brazil), Zidane (France), Maldini (Italy), or at least a Nakata (Japan) whom young aspirants (sadly, if there are any) can look up to and use their idealistic ways as a stepping stone to their success?

Sporting Superstars - Indian Brigades at their Peak

Well of course, at the end of the day, we played well as a “team” and we followed our processes extremely well. Dhoni and his magic continues to sizzle his ardent fanatics. Yeah.. Not fans!

I am actually looking for those predicted extremely correctly that CSK would not be winning this year’s championships, surely! If at all they had invested the confidence they showed in the prediction (CSK WILL NOT WIN IPL4), in their team’s support, I am sure they would have done well.

Whatever emotions that pour out in Bulletin Board is not because of the hate many CSK supporters have towards other teams. At least, I don’t mind watching good cricket, be it from RCB or Mumbai Indians or KKR!! But, the dismissive expressions with such a hate-feel for CSK, got the fanatics going.

Tribute to CSK - IPL Masterclass Team with genius players

Sport is fascinating. What you get is what you dish out to others. This is applicable to all those anti-CSK sentiments and one day, surely the CSK fanatics will also have to go through all this (Yeah.. We know how it felt to lose the IPL 2009 Semi Final in Jo’Burg). It is applicable for those who lose as well as win. The Mighty Caribbean and the Great Australian fall needs no introduction. So, the day is not far off when a new champion will be crowned! But, that is for some time in the future. May be in Sep-Oct 2011 or in Apr-May 2012.

Until then, the YELLOW BRIGADE shall rule the Indian Premier League horizon.

In DHONI, we trust!

 Atleast it takes half a decade for other teams to reach to the level of CSK(ConSistency + peaKing at the right time).
Teams that peaked at the right time(rajastan,dc) are not as consistent as csk and those that are consistent(RCB,delhi,Mumbai) are not rising at the right occasion. To get this combined tag of consistency and champion quality, the hour is quite far for the other sides.

Also they say we played the fairest play.

Watch that I loved the most

“Time does not wait for anyone”. It is a great saying, which inspires us to perform our work on time. If there is a talk about time, than immediately a thing comes to our mind and that thing is “wristwatch”. Some people found wristwatches as a status symbol for them, and some use it as a basic need.

As far as status symbol is concerned,   a famous brand name comes and that is “Rolex air king”. Most of the wristwatches loving people are very familiar with this brand name. This kind of watch makes people proud, that they are having such kind of branded watch. The price list of these watches are too high, so common person cannot afford these ones for fun.

When common person looks to buy this watch, then they found these not their cup of tea. Their dreams of purchasing these watches always get vanished, when they see the price list. But now, Rolex replica watches have come in the market. Now, they can also fulfill their dream. The prices of these watches have been set according to the common people needs. These are too reasonable and affordable ones. One can easily buy this watch with having a great belief about the quality.

 These watches maintain the level of quality, which an original has. That is why; these watches are getting popular day by day. The front look is as same as the original is having. On the back side of the dial, these are having the same logo of role air king. Very stylish look and made from stainless steel. These are very effective and user friendly watches. These watches have been proved to be a great alternate. Of course if you are having all qualities in these watches, then there is no need to buy expensive original ones.

Further, we can say that these are different in only a single sense and that is “price”.

BCCI Agree to give Sachin rest

BCCI agrees to provide rest to sachin for the upcoming Asia cup. Recently he just scored unbeatable 200 runs against South Africa and came as highest individual scorer and created a new record. Sachin already proved that he is a world class batsman. Sachin even now treated as a god of Indian cricketers by the fans and the spectators hope that sachin to create more records and bring some sensational victories to team India. I am praying god every day to provide Sachin many more fitter and healthy life to set all possible records and let it remain as much as the game of cricket exists.