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Testing Your Paperclip Antenna

Mounting and Testing Your Paperclip Antenna
Now let’s take this baby out for a spin!
1. After you have soldered the pigtail to the antenna and secured it with tape, connect the pigtail to your wireless card.
2. Mount the antenna and try it out.
3. If you have glued a clothespin or clamp to the wooden platform, you can clip it to various objects, so that the antenna itself is either vertically or horizontally polarized.
4. Position and aim the antenna in search of the strongest signal.
5. Observe (and learn about) the link quality differences with the antenna in each position.

Wireless networking software should come with some program or component used to measure signal strength on your computer. In Windows XP, the Wireless Network Connection Status dialog displays a Signal Strength bar graph. The more green bars that light up in the display, the stronger the signal.