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Creating Bootable Movie Images

After you have the video content you want to make into a bootable movie, you need to create an ISO image to later burn to a CD or DVD. You do that with the mkmovixiso command. Here’s an example: # mkmovixiso -t “2005 Vacation” -o movix_vacation.iso movie.avi Your iso image is now in “/home/user/movix/movix_vacation.iso You can safely delete temporary directory /tmp/movix-110602496 In this example, the video content is named movie.avi in the current directory. You can add as many AVI files as will fit on the medium (they will play one after the other, by default). The title (2005 Vacation in this case) is entered after the -t option and is used as the Volume ID tag on the image. The title must be less than 32 characters. The name of the ISO image file follows the -o option (in this case, movix_vacation.iso). The ISO image is created here using many default options. You can see a complete list of options by typing mkmovixiso -h.