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Improve Backlink easy - my friend's advice

Do you mean this 18,470? Is this my total back links? but why i am 0 zero in Google? I can't understand. In Google ad sense i am earning 12-15 dollars a month only but earning for all my five blogs. my 3 blogs are inactive. I am blogging as usual. Visiting other's blog and commenting. I'll comment 3-4 sites a day only but sometimes non at all  but mostly only writing short messages from their tag boards. There is no special procedure to increase my traffic. Actually i was only interested of page rank because i want more paid post.  Maybe got that page rank 4 because i made a post more than 30 posts a month. The more post in your site the more visitors if they are interested in your title. One blogger advised me to make your title searchable. If you noticed the title of my post are direct to the point like for example Best Online casino. Best Satellite Internet, Direct TV, Best Platform Bed, Electronic Bingo. I did not do anything more. I received also emails convincing me to join my sites to increase my traffic but I ignored all of them because one blogger posted that her brother's account was totally band by Google because he did something Publish Post to increase this traffic illegally. I don't know which is legal or illegal to increase traffic that is why i am not responding to their offers. 
Maybe that back links is already accumulated since April 2008. I am almost two years blogging.

Thanks for the information. I'll try to register my blog.