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Will Tiger Woods roar back in Golf?

After all the controversies in his real life, many affairs and poor character exploration and many more, what are the odds that Tiger Woods will roar back in the golfing field? He was one of the most respected sportsmen all across the world. He was the richest sportsman as well, got millions of bucks from the advertisers for ads and got incredible number of sponsors. But all gone now, he is left in vain, as all the sponsors and advertisers have cancelled the deal which were both long term and short term. He recently said that he would get back to golfing after fine settling with his long time wife. But things are different now, day after day, many girls are claiming to have had affair with Tiger Woods. But the Golfing arena really misses their legend tiger Woods. He may or may not get back to golfing, but one thing for sure. He would remain a greatest golfer in the history of golf, since its start. I would really be happy, if he continues to play golf and win many titles and prove to the world that he is still capable of winning matches and more and more championships under his belt. Schumi is back in the F1 circuit at the age of 41 after his retirement before three years.