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Avatar beats Titanic in Box-office

In terms of collection, Avatar beats titanic. I have seen both of these films. Both of them are incredible movies. The time in which avatar overtaken the collection of Titanic is nearly one half of it, it is considered to be a huge margin of success. The main reason of this huge success could be, the film avatar has some great shots and the appearance of shots in many scenes looks simply superb. This film can be best viewed in 3D. The collection for viewing the film in 3D is very high. In multiplex theatres in India, say Bangalore, a ticket viewing n 3D costs Rs1000. Its not even one month of release, that Avatar beat Titanic. The record going to reach the film, where no other more can reach at least for years for sure. I am going to watch this box-office blockbuster Avatar one more time. The collection titanic is in gross $1,843,201,268, whereas Avatar till date, it is $1,858,562,198.