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Kung fu Panda – animated action film

I saw this film Kung fu Panda last week with lots of expectations. As my friends said it is really great and worth watching. I generally do not like watching animated film or cartons kind of stuff. But this film was simply superb. It’s about a panda which rescues the city from a enemy. The execution of voices and actions performed by all the creatures in the film is really fabulous to watch. The film has lots and lots of scenes that make you laugh. I never laughed while watching Tom and Jerry, but this film made me laugh in many scenes with some cool performance. Panda learns the art of Kung fu with the other members of the group. It really does not look like an animation, but as if it is happening in the real time. That’s the power of innovation. Climax is about whether or not the panda defeats the enemy. Kung fu Panda is film, well executed animated action film. A must watch for the kids, can have real fun and entertainment.