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Breguet Marine Royale 5847

The Breguet Marine collection is inspired by sketches of models developed by the brand’s owner more about 200 years ago when Breguet became the official supplier of watches for the French Fleet. 

In 2009 the collection was enriched with a new model – alarm clock Marine Royale  5847. The first model in the Breguet sea line was presented in 2004, while in 2007 the brand’s connoisseurs were amazed by the first chronograph with tourbillon and silicone trigger device. 

The Marine Royale 5847 is a truly nice watch with many nice features that are characteristic of all other Breguet watches, however, the main its peculiarity is the alarm clock. Tests have shown that the alarm clock is heard under water even better than on dry land – the speed of sonic waves increases together with density of the environment. 
The crown and the button of the Breguet Marine Royale 5847 are made out of gold, however the precious metal is hidden in a rubber “cap” for comfortable use of divers. This is a truly nice watch for diving, since it can be used at the depth of 300 meters. The Breguet Marine Royale 5847 is a truly great watch for divers, since it is very comfortable to use under water – it features a rotating bezel and luminescent coating of indexes and hands. 

If you are a diver and you need a good watch for diving, than the Marine Royale 5847 can become a great option for you. However, if you just like design and accuracy of Breguet watches and you do not need a complicated watch, than you have better purchase a Breguet fake watch. An original Breguet watch is a very complicated timepiece that is made out of precious metals. A Breguet fake watch does not have many complications and a Breguet fake watch cannot be used at a great depth, however, a Breguet fake watch is a timepiece that looks like an original Breguet watch and also a Breguet fake watch is a very accurate timepiece for those who want their watch to be very reliable.