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Wi-Fi connection– do it yourself

“Internet without wires”. Think about that for a minute. All of the entertainment, utility and performance of the Internet of yours without being tied to a desk. Without even being tied to the home or office. Internet without wires...anywhere! Wireless is a growing revolution changing the way people communicate and share ideas. From cell phones to PDAs to mobile computers, wireless access puts you instantly in touch with millions of other people around the planet. Wi-Fi, in particular, is changing how people access the Internet from laptops and PDAs. It’s emerging as an alternative for cellular service, and it may even replace regular telephone lines as voice conversations begin to be re-routed over Wi-Fi networks in larger numbers. Wi-Fi is that subset of wireless communications designed for high-speed Internet access. Sometimes simply referred to as “wireless,” or known by its many-lettered specification IEEE 802.11b, a, g, and so on, Wi-Fi allows compatible devices to connect without cables or physical connections. With speeds far in excess of most cable modem, DSL, and even T1 service, Wi-Fi is rapidly becoming the standard for Internet access.