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Hide Shaky Footage - very simplique

If you’re in the habit of analyzing Event footage, you’ll probably see swaths of red squiggly lines all over the clips in your browser. Most of this stuff is pure dreck—so jerky, it’s beyond iMovie’s capacity to stabilize it, and unworthy of any project you may create. If you agree, and you’re sure you have no use for it, you can hide excessively shaky video from view so none of it ever sneaks into your storyboard. Underneath your Event Browser, next to the Favorites filter menu, there’s a red squiggly button that matches the red squiggly line branding all of your shakiest footage. Click this button to make all of the shaky stuff invisible. Because shaky footage sneaks into the middle of clips, many of your Event clips will be split into smaller pieces as a result, but it’s not permanent. Click the button again, turning the gray line red, to make the shaky footage reappear. Your clips are whole once more.