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Film is a powerful medium. With the right script under your arm and a staff of eager team players, you’re about to begin an exciting ride. The single most important thing that goes into making a successful film is the passion to tell a story. And the best way to tell your stories is with pictures. Filmmaking is visual storytelling in the form of shots that make up scenes and scenes that eventually make up a complete film. As a filmmaker, you have the power to affect people’s emotions, make them see things differently, help them discover new ideas, or just create an escape for them. In a darkened theater, you have an audience’s undivided attention. They’re yours — entertain them, move them, make them laugh, make them cry. You can’t find a more powerful medium to express yourself. Nowadays many studio films are based on comic book superheroes (Hulk, Batman, Spiderman), popular TV shows (Get Smart, Sex in the City), best selling books (the Harry Potter series), high concept (unique ideas that have commercial appeal like Jurassic Park, or Journey to the Center of the Earth), and/or big name stars (Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks). Its easy to become a filmmaker, essential thing required is interest and involvement and understanding and grasping capability.