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Tribute to CSK - IPL Masterclass Team with genius players

Sport is fascinating. What you get is what you dish out to others. This is applicable to all those anti-CSK sentiments and one day, surely the CSK fanatics will also have to go through all this (Yeah.. We know how it felt to lose the IPL 2009 Semi Final in Jo’Burg). It is applicable for those who lose as well as win. The Mighty Caribbean and the Great Australian fall needs no introduction. So, the day is not far off when a new champion will be crowned! But, that is for some time in the future. May be in Sep-Oct 2011 or in Apr-May 2012.

Until then, the YELLOW BRIGADE shall rule the Indian Premier League horizon.

In DHONI, we trust!

 Atleast it takes half a decade for other teams to reach to the level of CSK(ConSistency + peaKing at the right time).
Teams that peaked at the right time(rajastan,dc) are not as consistent as csk and those that are consistent(RCB,delhi,Mumbai) are not rising at the right occasion. To get this combined tag of consistency and champion quality, the hour is quite far for the other sides.

Also they say we played the fairest play.