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Sporting Superstars - Indian Brigades at their Peak

Well of course, at the end of the day, we played well as a “team” and we followed our processes extremely well. Dhoni and his magic continues to sizzle his ardent fanatics. Yeah.. Not fans!

I am actually looking for those predicted extremely correctly that CSK would not be winning this year’s championships, surely! If at all they had invested the confidence they showed in the prediction (CSK WILL NOT WIN IPL4), in their team’s support, I am sure they would have done well.

Whatever emotions that pour out in Bulletin Board is not because of the hate many CSK supporters have towards other teams. At least, I don’t mind watching good cricket, be it from RCB or Mumbai Indians or KKR!! But, the dismissive expressions with such a hate-feel for CSK, got the fanatics going.